Tiny Billboards

Big impact — little package

Little KISSes, measuring 4"x4", are about as cute as cute gets. Perfect for any occasion; seniors, boudoir, weddings, portraits, parties. Affordable, pocket-sized, and beautiful, Little KISSes are waiting for you to take them home.

No need to buy a larger KISS Book, you can just order the Little KISSes—they come in sets of 2.

Shown next to a 12"x12"
Lots of companies offer little press-printed books—it's cheap and the quality is pretty good; but, at KISS, we aren't big fans of "pretty good..." The Little KISSes are photographically printed—just like all the other KISS Books!
Press printing will never stand up against photographic printing. We've included some samples here for you to see for yourself. These are un-doctored, straight-out-of-the-camera-shots of an actual KISS Books. A press-printed book (Not KISS!) is shown on the , the photo-printed book (KISS!) on the . The photograph of the face was about a half-inch in actual print, the logo was slightly smaller.