Something Entirely Different

KISS doesn’t make books, we make simple. By focusing on this single word, we have created a powerful, understandable way for you to profit from albums in your business.

The KISSystem™ is the rejection of our option-obsessed world. Instead of paying for, learning, and managing five different tools to get your books from concept to reality, you can now use the world’s only fully integrated system.

Create album designs, share slideshows, collect client approval, order books, and deliver them with speed to your customer—with one tool.

Erin Youngren talks about using the KISSystem in her business.
Pro KISSing

The KISSystem is the world’s only cloud-based integrated album tool. With KISS, go from concept, to approval, to ordered in less than 2 hours. You can design, share, approve, and order books for FREE with your KISS account—but for only $99/year, you get much more.

Become a Pro KISSer and you will enjoy 2% cash-back on orders—that means you will get your $99 back just by purchasing a few books. You will also gain access to over a hundred additional templates to make your designs really sing.

Upgrade today inside the My KISS Dashboard.

Free KISSer ProKISSer($99/year)
Max Active Designs 3 15
Max Archived Designs Infinite Infinite
Max Images per Design 200 600
2% Cash-back
Many More Templates
Pro KISSers wield the power of the fully operational KISSystem.

Think minutes—not hours.

Create beautiful layouts in minutes instead of hours with the revolutionary cloud-based KISS Designer. You can manually build, let the designer auto-build, or anything in between. It’s easier than falling off logs.

Design for $49.

The industry standard for custom design is $400—and that doesn’t include your client changes. Too busy to design, but don’t have $400 lying around? We’ll do it for you, and, if you want, even make your client’s changes—for just $49.00.

Don’t get behind—use Design for $49.

One-click posting to Facebook.

Just click to share the design on your wall, your company page, or right on your client’s wall. You can even share designs you’ve made in other apps; simply upload them into the Designer as completed spreads and click the share icon.

Client feedback—right in the slideshows.

Getting your client’s feedback is an important part of the album process. Many times, no matter how clearly you explain it, they will end up confused. With KISS, your clients can leave comments right on the pages they want you to change—it doesn’t get any simpler.

Automatic Updates.

When you are done editing your design, all of your slideshows are updated to reflect your changes. Facebook, embedded versions, or links that KISS generates for you are all updated at the same time.

No Flash.

The slideshows KISS generates are all perfectly comfy on any iOS device, so your customers can even view or comment on them on an iPad or iPhone.

No downloads, no uploads, no wasted time.

Once your client clicks “I approve” in their slideshow, it’s your turn to click “Order.” That’s it. Wham. The files are with us—because they’ve always been with us, in the Cloud. Just tell us how many, what color, what cover, and what size and we are off to the races.

Stay Connected.

You will always know where your order is at. Simply log into your Dashboard and see if your book is in printing or binding, check tracking numbers, or see your entire order history. No more guessing, just clearly displayed information.

Christmas Without Stress.

KISS takes orders deeper into December than Santa. Click here to see how we stack up with other companies in the industry and for this year’s cutoff dates.

Our reputation is based on your reputation.

When you’re ready to deliver the final books to your clients, you shouldn’t need to make any excuses. Every album is inspected at several stations to spot any potential issue with sequence, printing, fit, or finish. KISS does not ship late; you’ve made promises based on our promises to you, and we will prove our trustworthiness. Head to the Books Page to learn more about the quality of our products.

Ship it direct, save time and money.

Most of our clients trust us to ship books straight to their clients. This eliminates frustrating repackaging and expensive reshipping, which means your clients are getting their books sooner and you’re saving time and money. KISS does not include invoices or pricing in the shipping box.